FutureMusic: Tell us about your studio…

Forester: Our studio is a place where we wake up excited to go to every morning. To start, we have a Universal Audio Apollo 8 interface that has really helped with productivity as well as processing UA plugins. Other gear that we have includes: a Sequential Oberheim OB-6, Manley Reference Cardioid Tube Microphone running through a LA-610 MK II Tube Channel Strip, Roland RE-201 Space Echo, Sequential Prophet Rev 2, Adam A7X Monitors, Gibson Les Paul, Fender Telecaster, Fender American Standard Jazz Bass, Kremona F65C Classical Guitar, Martin Acoustic Guitar, Gretsch Lap Steel Guitar and a Vox amp.

FutureMusic: Let’s talk more about processing and effects…what processing did you specifically use for your latest release?

Forester: The processing will change depending on what the sound needs, but we’ll often use a lot of the same plug-ins on our channel strips. On our last release titled Symphony”  we used a good amount of compression and distortion. Every sound is equalized differently, but you can guarantee that there’s an EQ on pretty much every sound. If it’s not a bass sound it’ll most likely be cutting low end.

FutureMusic: Did you employ any studio musicians, or did you utilize samples, or is everything just the two of you?

Forester: We’ll sometimes use individual drum samples in our tracks, but other than that we pretty much do everything ourselves.

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