Lady Gaga,
Kanye West, Eminem and
Rebecca Black have made it onto our list of the most controversial videos of 2011.

Rihanna sparked controversy with her video for S&M (Picture: Def Jam)

Lady Gaga – Judas

Unsurprisingly US diva Lady Gaga makes it onto the list with Judas, which was slammed by the Catholic League.

The singer plays the role of Mary Magdalene in a promo that re-imagines Jesus and his Twelve Apostles as a biker gang.

Like most videos from Gaga, this one pulls no punches and shows the star in a bath with Jesus and Judas.

Judas then pours a can of liquid onto Gaga’s bottom as the singer screams out in ecstasy.

The Catholic League dismissed the video as a boring stunt.

VIDEO: Watch Lady Gaga’s Judas

Rihanna – S&M

Rihanna got saucy in the video for S&M, which according to director Melina Matsoukas, was inspired by the singer’s ‘sadomasochist relationship with the press’.

In the promo she dresses up in pink PVC, plays around with whips and chains and is seen walking celebrity gossip Perez Hilton around like a dog.

This was deemed too outrageous in some places and the video was banned in 11 countries.

VIDEO: Check out Rihanna’s S&M

Kanye West – Monster

Kanye West tried his best to prove he is a monster with this outrageous video.

The promo shows the US hip hop star posing with a woman’s severed head and also features the dangling body of a dead female.

Not to be upstaged, Kanye’s mate Jay-Z also gets in on the act by rapping beside a half-naked and lifeless woman.

The promo was criticised for its depiction of violence against females.

VIDEO: Watch Kanye West’s Monster

Eminem – Space Bound

Eminem was blasted by Mothers Against Violence as ‘evil’ for his controversial music video for Space Bound.

Slim Shady’s promo shows him strangling his on-screen girlfriend, played by porn star Sasha Grey, before shooting himself in the head.

The group claimed the video would have a disturbing effect on children.

VIDEO: Check Eminem’s Space Bound

Rebecca Black – Friday

Many considered it a black Friday when Rebecca released her debut song Friday.

The 14-year-old musician became an instant hit and her video became a YouTube sensation.

The cheesy video shows her with friends driving in a car, hanging around and looking very excited because it’s a Friday.

The song was slammed as one of the worst tracks ever created and Black has to defend herself against online bullies although she did win herself some celeb fans including Simon Cowell and Lady Gaga.

VIDEO: Watch Rebecca Black’s Friday

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