Like a tiger, he is well camouflaged in the concrete jungle.

Wearing the mandatory suit, Jacob Galea’s appearance is misleading. Under his calm exterior he is poised for action, working with some of the country’s most brilliant minds.

A karate black belt champion and Tai Chi exponent, his brand is a mix of Zen leadership mind coaching and inner human transformation, coupled with his unshakable belief in the human spirit.

He understands the power of the mind and utilizes his skills as a martial arts expert to bring discipline, focus and clarity to the minds of corporate leaders. He brings calm and clarity to stressed executives burdened by deadlines and overloaded schedules.

“I create leaders for the 21st century from the inside,” he explains.

Based in Sydney, Australia, Jacob Galea runs his corporate warrior business with his own unique flavor using hypnotherapy, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Emotional Intelligence.

From a very young age, Jacob was groomed in the art of human motivation which infused in him his “never give up” attitude and inspired him with the will to win. Introduced to a wealthy Italian entrepreneur in a local pizzeria where he worked after school, Jacob saw what humans could achieve with a focused mind and strong, unbreakable belief system.

After winning a prestigious three-year business scholarship, Jacob’s ambition, drive and entrepreneurial spirit led to the creation of his own motivational company, coaching executives and corporate leaders.

A lifetime of studying and practicing martial arts, has taught Jacob the art of action born from stillness. More than self protection, the ancient arts have armed him with the self control, discipline and unbreakable focus that produces cutting edge ideas and technologies for his clients.

His ability to identify and implement creative business strategies and his personal commitment to that process is a trademark of this inspirational entrepreneur. As a boardroom adviser and personal lifestyle coach, Jacob builds individuals, teams and organisations as “unstoppable “corporate warriors.

As part of his media profile he has been featured in BRW, Sydney Morning Herald, Sunday Telegraph, Good Weekend, Body and Soul, Mix 106.5FM radio, MX magazine and Blitz magazine as well writing a monthly column in Ultra Fit magazine.

Jacob Galea’s personal charisma and passion for building tomorrow’s leaders has now provided him with a platform for the world stage.

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