If any of you thought Kaka was finished after accepting a move to MLS side Orlando City – shame on you.

The Brazilian superstar is still as brilliant as ever and when not scoring quality wonder goals, he’s pulling off insane moments of skill.

Kaka, 33, received the ball in tight midfield during a match against Columbus Crew this week, and found his way out with possession still intact after two beautiful nutmegs.

The first came after a rival player tried to take him out.

Nutmeg number one…

SEE YA! (Picture: Vine)

But he got away expertly.

And the second involved a bemused defender trying to act as a wall against him, only for Kaka to flick the ball between his legs and escape.

Nutmeg number two…

This is the best one (Picture: Vine)

Tall, elegant and an absolute baller – you can’t help but love this guy.

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