This week’s legendary event will feature one of the most creative tactical minds available in the field: The Division Agent:  




Alani Kelso is capable of quickly coming up with outside the box solutions in high-pressure situations, making her an extremely important asset to any squad finding itself in a tight spot.  

Find her and convince her that her duty now lies within the Elite Squad.  



Alani Kelso was one of the first women to complete Ranger School. She is physically capable, but what made her stand out the most was her ability to think creatively under pressure to outsmart her opponents on both strategic and tactical levels. This talent naturally drove her into the service of the CIA, where she acted as a paramilitary, and then into the Division, where she acted as a coordinating officer for the Division’s efforts to salvage the remnants of the US capital.  

Kelso is often described as seeming reserved and withdrawn from her surroundings by people who do not know her. However, those who are familiar with Kelso’s methods know that this is merely the calm before the storm. Kelso always silently and methodically scrutinizes a situation before unleashing a devastating blow where her enemy least expects it – often with a large Boom.  



Active ability: BURSTER FIREFLY 

A firefly drone deploys and goes to Alani’s current target + 2 random targets, attaching explosive charges to them, causing them to run in fear for 2 seconds. The charges then explode, each dealing 50% ability power damage to all enemies within a 3-meter radius. 


When changing target, Alani fires an Oxidizer canister at the target emitting a corrosive chemical, dealing 10% Ability power damage each second and increasing all incoming Area oEffect damage by 50% for 5 secondsEvery time the oxidizer damages a target, any Shield they may have is corroded, losing 30% of its power.  



To recruit Alani Kelso into your squad, this is what you’ll need to do:    


Use a specific selection of soldiers to play the event.    

Each mission will be progressively harder and will require that you increase your soldiers’ rank.    

Every victory will reward Alani Kelso intel tokens.  If you can manage to have 5 of the select soldiers at Rank 5 and complete the 5th mission of the event, you will unlock Alani Kelso 

Beyond this, each mission you play will give you enough intel to further upgrade Alani Kelso’s rank but requires higher and higher ranked soldiers.    



Combine Kelso’s chem launcher’s AoE debuff with another character with high AoE ability damage (e.g. Fixit, Buck, Faye Lau, Rogue Faye Lau, Midas) for a devastating effect. 

Don’t forget about Squad Perks! Combining Alani with Dutiful and/or SHD soldiers (Bronson combines both attributes) is a guaranteed win! 


Good luck Commander! 

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