Pastor Joseph Prince Sermon - How To Walk In The Spirit

Pastor Joseph Prince shares this new sermon and message titled “How To Walk In The Spirit” which is an excerpt from “Inside-Out Transformation” and it is a sermon that will educate you. Herein, you will discover the life-transforming power of God that will cause you to walk in physical, mental, and emotional wholeness. Joseph Prince teaches you how to reign over destructive habits and lifestyles for good when you walk in the overcoming life of the Spirit.

Teaching on this on Instagram, Joseph Prince wrote:

“Spirit, Soul, Body: What’s The Difference?

You are a spirit made in the image of God, but you live in a body and you have a soul (thoughts and emotions).

While we have a soul and we live in a body, God does not want us to be led by our minds and bodies. The Holy Spirit dwells in our spirit and that is how God leads us from within and how He wants us to lead our soul and body.”

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