Polo G is past his old sound, but fans can still look forward to a throwaway tape

Polo G is tired of fans asking him to drop some of his old unreleased music that he never planned on releasing. A few hours ago, the rapper took to Twitter letting his fans know that one day he might drop a tape with all the throwaways fans have been asking for. He also clarified that he is currently focusing on his next work.

“Y’all be asking me a lot for music that I really never plan on releasing cuz I passed that sound & mindset so one day I might drop a tape w all throw aways but rn I’m focused on my next Ring😬💯 #HOF 🏆,” tweeted the “21” rapper.

The rapper released his sophomore album ‘The GOAT’ last year. Since then, he has been dropping a slew of singles including the latest, ‘GNF (OKOKOK)’ that was released a week ago.

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