I’ve echoed many times how the best way to finance a film is to focus on adding value to your project.

These three words took me almost 20 years to full understand. IMPROVE THE PROJECT.

Improving the project by adding value to your film is the key to raising money.

How Can You Add More Value

So how are ways that you can improve your project and add value?

  1. Add cast. I’ll always put this first. Name cast (meaning they’re recognizable by their name only) brings money to your project, and helps you get distribution.
  2. Raise development financing. This is a secret trick that all the real producers use. Check out my course on development financing.
  3. Add a distributor. Go to one of the film markets and meet sales agents and distributors, and try to get an LOI for them to sell or distribute your film.
  4. Get some soft money. Soft money is anything that adds value to your project, outside of actual cash. This could be free locations, free equipment, or anything else that helps your production.

Check out this video that discusses a bit more about getting your film ready:

The key is, you need to be focusing on improving the project and adding value before you can think about getting money. And what’s amazing is that the more you focus on improving your project, the more the money starts to flow to you!

Don’t believe me? Improve the project, add value, and watch it happen!

The biggest mistake you can make is getting in front of an investor with a project that has little to no value. This tells the potential investor that you are an amateur, and you shouldn’t be taken seriously. You might never be able to get in front of the investor again.

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