The Great Jihad is Against Ourselves, No Reward

@00:14 Do we learn the seven names one by one or does it open altogether after constant effort?
@06:01 If we know what we should do but the inner motivation is missing how do we motivate ourselves?
@18:43 Is there concern for these daily practices becoming addictions like video games or social media?
@23:01 What is the remedy for an excessive desire to control and lead others?
@25:53 What do we do if we feel hopeless and lonely?
@26:57 Do our seven names have any relevance with seven levels of nafs and do they help at each level of the nafs?
@30:35 How do we deal with constant doubts in tafakkur and rabita, thoughts like ‘Are these lights real or from my nafs?’

Recorded : 20210520

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