Thank you for reading this week’s liveblog. We love being here for the ride with you all. Next week … the first ever Japanese Week. See you then.


Also if Harry Hill’s TV Burp was still going, Linda saying “I can make pastry!” followed by her leaving the competition would been a ‘This Week’s British Bake Off In A Nutshell.’

Scott Bryan

how it started how its going #gbbo

October 20, 2020

Aaaaand Laura has won her first Star Baker! Shove THAT in your private outdoor pizza oven and SMOKE IT! Thrilled for her, so very well deserved. I feel we’re beginning to get to know her a bit more now and I’m enjoying it very much.

You are right. Each series has always had a dip (and we are certainly in one), but we are hopefully on our way out. Linda has been a delight. Constantly radiant, she’s baked from the heart. The way she has handled the last couple of days, with a commitment to carry on and never take these failures too personally, has been admirable. I’ll miss her.

Linda is leaving the tent.

It was nice to see a slightly more upbeat episode this week. Not sure we’re back at the level of the joyful early weeks, but we’re getting there – and it’s so lovely to start to see personalities shine through. Though talking of personalities, I am so sad to see the endlessly joyful Linda going home. What a delight she has been – and how painful that two other disintegrated pies couldn’t save her.

“Pastry week was supposed to be my week,” says Linda. Oh god, my mind is literally having a flashback to the start of the episode when she literally cheered when she told us it was pastry week. She cheered, Michael.

“I think you’re missing something. At your core level.” Paul, playing the role of my soon-to-be ex-boyfriend.

Lottie’s cage is literally the Louvre. Would happily pose at a distance and do that pointing thing with my finger, like everyone who visits the real thing.


“The way it flops doesn’t look good”’ Speak for yourself, Prue.

We know that Hermine’s falls apart, simply because we already saw it disintegrate in the opening titles.

I can relate to shortcrust pastry. I, too, require regular 30-60 minute rests. I’ll crumble if I am spread too thin – and the harder I’m worked, the more resistant and disgusting I can get.

Is anyone else finding it weird that the pastry is not even being eaten after it has been lifted? Or is eating it not a thing?


Bake a Cornish pasty.
*Linda bakes a samosa*

Bake an eclair.
*Linda makes churros*#GBBO

October 20, 2020

Poor Linda. It’s just not her week.

Laura’s cage looks ok, so is Hermine’s. Mark’s looks like he’s presenting a cheddar cheese slice fit for a sandwich.

And oh god. Linda’s has completely disintegrated. She’s a goner. Even though Mark’s looks quite bad (did it melt?), Linda is doomed because of what happened in her technical and signature. I also can’t remember a Showstopper in recent years where the bakers have either done amazingly, or terribly, with absolutely no bakers in between.

Hysterically fragile? Can relate.

Mark pronounces “pears” as “purrs” and I’m obsessed. I never want to hear a different pronunciation again. What if he was to come across a pair of pears? Throw a happy cat into that mix and it’d be carnage.

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