The NYBPC is expanding its mentorship program for the 2020-2021 year. Student entrepreneurs will be offered monthly mentorship opportunities to be held online using customized matchmaking software and our online event platform. 

At the 2020 NYBPC Finals, students and mentors met for 30 minute mentorship sessions. Students were paired with business leaders based on the needs, skills, and knowledge of the mentor and mentee. This allowed students to gain invaluable perspective from experienced business community members. This year, we’re offering monthly mentorship sessions to expand on the success of last year’s program. 

Student testimonial: “I really enjoyed having access to all the mentors! Everyone gave such great advice and truly wanted to help! Competing in the NYBPC has definitely accelerated my startup!” 

Beginning September 30, NYBPC mentorships will include a full day of mentoring opportunities, along with themed workshops to help students progress their ventures over the course of the school year.  Workshops will be followed by live Q&A and group networking all on our online event platform. 

Upcoming Sessions:
September 30: NYBPC Mentoring + Business Model Canvas + Customer Discovery
October 29: NYBPC Mentoring + Entity Formation
November 10: NYBPC Mentoring + Intellectual Property
December 3: NYBPC Mentoring + Social Media, SEO & SEM

Stay tuned for more information!

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