EL James is a very, very brave woman. Despite all the jokes about Fifty Shades of Grey, the new version of the book from Christian’s dick’s perspective and even after all the ‘dick’ sentences she actually held a Q&A session titled #AskELJames. Also Read – Fifty Shades Of Grey Star Actor Jamie Dornan’s Father Jim Dornan Passes Away Due to COVID-19 at 73

Suffice to say, there were more brickbats than actually fans and they simply tore into her. People asked her about that sentence (Her words were music to my dick), Grey’s stalker tendencies and even the abusive relationship he shared with the Anastasia. Of course, all the critics would do well to remember that the new book Grey has already sold over a million copies in one weekend and she is worth an astounding $58 million! Also Read – BDSM in Public? Woman Puts Guy on Dog Leash While Going to The Mall, Sparks Online Debate

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