University College School in Hampstead raise money every year through their 6 school houses.

Small Steps Project have been chosen this year to benefit from their fundraising with help from Black Hawkins, one of the houses. Our community fundraiser Penny, went along to a school assembly back in October last year to tell the whole school about the work we do, show them one of our films and a few of the celebrity shoes which were just about to be sold at 2018 celebrity auction.

The students were fascinated to hear how these children lived and impressed at seeing first hand Lewis Hamilton’s shoes which he won the World Championship 2018 as well as the size of Chris Martins trainers! They promised to try very hard at increasing the funds they have raised in past years. Their fundraising will soon come to a close and will be letting us know how much they have raised in the coming weeks.

We look forward to going back to the school to hear how they did this.

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