I bet your check your accounts daily. But do you check your head?

It’s been said that 95% of your business success relies on a healthy mindset. 95%! Each day, we are faced with challenges. You’re a business owner, dangit! You’re a powerhouse. Your business didn’t build itself overnight. I get it. But. In the spirit of keeping it real, let’s admit this: No matter how positive and productive you are, no matter how much you do ALL the things, the walls will start to close in from time to time (#normal!). Your confidence can be shaken, and because you’re human, you could use a mindset hack to stay positive and aligned with your business goals.

Search “business mindset” online and you will find mindset hacks from doing the hardest thing first to journaling. But there’s one we hadn’t seen yet that works.

Here’s a mindset hack for entrepreneurs that will get you grounded when you’re losing your grip:

1. Find a childhood photo of you
2. Now ask yourself, what do you want for that child?

Any light bulbs going off? Are you living the life you’d want for that kid in the photo? How’s your self talk? Are you treating yourself the way you would want that child treated? I know. Deep. But stick with me.

We have a fast paced office. Ideas are flying. Changes are happening. We’re all in, and we love it. We’re a pretty healthy bunch, physically and mentally. We have decent self awareness and if you ask us, we’ll say our mindsets are usually in check. But we’re also human, so from time to time we need to reign ourselves in. Something our Pres, Kelsey, conjured up, was to collect some of our childhood photos. This project was eye opening. It was also mostly hilarious, because naturally we offered up highly embarrassing photos to get the laugh (watch this to see one of my better looks).

This exercise was also highly cathartic. For any Type A perfectionist folks who work here, it’s easy to lose confidence if we feel our expectations are farther out of reach than we thought.

By nature, people want to perform well. And, by nature, people tend to be hard on themselves when they don’t. If you start to feel derailed, look at that childhood photo of yourself. What would you tell that kid? Is how you’re leading your life now good enough for that child?

If it’s not good enough for that kid, then it’s not good enough for you. BOOM.

Sometimes the person standing in your way the most – is you. So keep visual reminders nearby, so you can tune into your positive mindset and move more confidently through your day.

<You’ve got this.

I mean it!


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