Willow sequel on Disney+ is in the works which is way more exciting than the Marvel series (Picture: Getty/Rex)

The return of Willow has been one of the film industry’s longest-running myths but it’s not looking painfully plausible that the cult fantasy epic will be returning – on the small screen.

Director Ron Howard fuelled speculation a Willow sequel was on the horizon last year with a tweet confirming a ‘serious’ exploration into the hero’s return.

However, rather than revisiting the magical world created and produced by George Lucas, which became own of the definitive movies of the late 80s, it looks like Willow’s next chapter could end up on the upcoming streaming service Disney+ as a series.

Ron admitted Solo: A Star Wars Story writer Jon Kasdan has been ‘hounding’ him to reboot the classic, during an appearance on MTV’s Happy Sad Confused podcast.

‘I think it’d be a great way to go,’ Howard enthused. ‘In fact, George always talked about the possibility of a Willow series, and it’d be great and more intimate, and built around that character and some of the others.

‘And Jon Kasdan has, I think, an inspired take on it and it could be really, really cool.’

Val Kilmer and Warwick Davis starred in the 1988 classic Willow (Picture: Rex)

Howard explained the series would follow an older Willow rather than heading back to the last time we saw him. Although, there’s still no word if Warwick Davis would be frontrunner for the role – even if the actor himself would jump at it.

‘That would be hugely exciting,’ Warwick told Cinema Blend. ‘Revisiting Willow as a character, now he’s older and wiser and perhaps even a better sorcerer, who knows by now, would be brilliant fun.’

Yes it would.

Disney+ is already poised to be a worthy rival to Netflix and Amazon Prime, with a heap of new Marvel series in the works including Ghost Rider, Loki and Hawkeye and is expected to launch in the US on November 19, 2019.

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